Friday, May 13, 2011

Trip to The Herb Farm

I made a trip to the herb farm with my mother yesterday. I wanted one of everything of course. Unfortunately the wallet saw otherwise and the wallet won.  I managed to get quite a few plants though. Including irish moss, silver edge thyme, roman chamomile, mojito mint, some cilantro, an ice plant, verbena, and lavender just to name a few. I did quite well for myself. I also got my red leaf lettuce. I think I`m part rabbit I just love a good salad almost every day.
I`ve got a few pictures to share today.
 The pot has the ice plant with an irish moss on each side and the silver thyme in the back. It should fill in nicely. I mixed good mulched soil into the pots and everything I plant too.
 The lilacs are just about ready for picking, not quite all open yet. But sitting on my patio the fragrance is heavenly.
 Now, does anyone out there know the name of this beautiful bush? If you do please let me know in comments.
Finally two more pictures while I had my camera out. My incredibly handsome son Nick.

He looks a bit sleepy! Long school week!  He`s very smart!

Last but not least today, my best buddy, Cocoa, he is the friendliest, smartest and mellowest Australian shepherd.
Have a great night!
As Always!
Keep It Clean!


  1. Ohhhh, an herb farm... Jealous!

  2. sounds like a great haul. i LOVE lilacs they have such a nice scent.

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  5. You asked what the name is of the bush with yellow flowers. Have you since found out? I'd really like to know, too!