Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday - New Items In The Shop - Two Herbs For Today

Two Herbs for Summer Color
Calendula and borage add color to your herb garden throughout summer with a succession of long lasting blooms. These are two of the prettiest herbs you can grow, and they are relatively carefree. Both are annuals, but once they are established in your garden they are eager reseeders, so you'll see them again year after year.
BORAGE (buy borage seeds)I bought my first packet of borage seeds many years ago, and grew the plants as a companion to tomatoes. Borage actually helps to improve the flavor of tomatoes when grown nearby. I was mislead by an error on the seed packet that said that the plant should not be consumed because it is poisonous, and grew the plant only for it's properties as a companion and it's appearance.
In truth, borage is not poisonous. The leaves have a refreshing cucumber taste, and can be used in salads and chopped up for herb butters and dips. Borage greens are a little too plain-tasting when cooked alone, but when combined with other greens, particularly cabbage, they add a unique flavor. The flowers can be used as a garnish or candied to decorate pastries.

CALENDULA (buy calendula seeds)Calendula is also called pot marigold, but don't confuse this plant with the marigolds grown in your annual bed (Tagetes). Pot marigolds are smaller and more delicate in appearance than the more familiar Tagetes, and they have a number of medicinal uses.
Calendula is said to encourage healing, aid digestion, fight fungal infections and cure diaper rash. These properties alone are enough to make the plant an essential addition to your herb garden, but it is also has several cosmetic uses. Calendula petals can be used to make a nourishing skin cream or cleanser (see recipe below) and a strong infusion made from marigold petals can be used to lighten hair.

I also have this great recipe for a facial cleanser using dried marigold flowers.

4 tablespoons olive or almond oil
2 tablespoons dried pot marigold flowers
few drops of violet, orange blossom or rose water

New items in my shop Au Naturelle 

My rich, gentle creme will become your favorite undereye crème as soon as you try it! This Eye Crème is creamy and thick and designed to super moisturize your most delicate and the finest skin on your face. You only need a small amount, for a little goes a long way. 

It provides nourishing oils and moisture. It is very spreadable and you need a very small amount, so the tube should last for months and months.

And Also An Orange Mint Skin Toner

The combination of the mint and orange will leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Mint leaves are rich in iron and the menthol helps tighten skin pores.

Available in four ounce spray bottle, simply spray a cotton pad or ball to apply.

Ingredients include mint hydrosol, orange hydrosol made from fresh mint leaves and orange peel,along with witch hazel.

This toner will whisk away surface dirt, oil and dead skin cells from your skin. Use after your regular facial cleanser for a clean refreshing feel to your skin.

Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone, 
hope wherever you are the weather is 
fine for barbecues and get togethers!
Until Tomorrow
As Always Keep It Clean!


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