Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally Friday

Is it me or is time racing along? I`ve been staying very busy with the shop so maybe thats why time seems to be be passing so fast.
This weekend is Mothers Day, don`t forget your mother. (You wouldn`t be here without her.) Hint Hint!

Its a beautiful day here in Eastern Connecticut, its about time! It looks like we will have  good weather for the next week.The country has suffered with horrible weather for the past few weeks. I hope and pray for the people of the tornadoes. Alabama was hard hit by these terrible storms. My thoughts and prayers are with them. I have relatives in Alabama and I am so glad they were spared from the devastation.

Now to change the subject, life goes on outside of the internet. Even though everything I do with my business is through the internet. I still have a life . I have a husband and a teenage son. HELL! Just kidding, not. The husband acts like a kid sometimes and the teenage son knows everything all the time.  Love them both of course. My job is pleasant because I work all day on my shops, making products and listing. (And everything else involved) 

I don`t consider my internet shops a job, because I enjoy what I do. Its funny when I was visiting my physician the other day, she asked, "do you work" and I said "no" and she said " come on now every woman works somewhere!"
Which is so true, whether you work in the outside world or on the internet, it is work!  She was right, I don`t give myself enough credit for what I do. I will be my own fan club today!
For today I would just like to show a few pictures of items from my shops!
Happy Mother`s Day
To All The Mom`s Out There

And to my Mom, I`d like to say;
I thank you for bringing me into the world,
I thank you every day! 
You are my Sunshine
I wouldn`t be here
 or be who I am without you
I may not tell you enough
I Love You...

Enjoy your Mother`s Day Weekend! Whether you are a mother, have a mother (obviously) or want to be a mother, you have a mother, and don`t forget her.
You wouldn`t be here without your mother!
Have a great weekend and a pleasant day!
As Always
Keep It Clean!


  1. Oh my, time flies around here too! When you have tons to do, a week seems to pass like two days - one for the work days, and one for the weekend. And you know what they say - the older you get, the faster time flies. Alas. But anyway, have a happy Mother's day weekend!

  2. Looks like great stuff! Happy Mother's day to you too!

  3. Happy Mothers Day to you too!

    Can you believe we are getting more rain here in Ohio? Thanks for all the happy thoughts ~ Deb