Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

The Lily is the flower of the month of May. Here is a bit of information I found on the Lily.

LILYLilies were so revered by the ancient Greeks that they believed they sprouted from the milk of Hera, the queen of the gods. Long tied to the Virgin Mary, the white Madonna lily represents virtue, while the lily of the valley conveys sweetness and humility. In the language of flowers, this May birth flower expresses purity of heart, majesty and honor.

The emerald is the birthstone for May. I found a bit of information to share on emeralds and also found this beautiful emerald ring on Etsy in a shop called

Emeralds are the most precious stone in the beryl group. The name emerald comes from the Greek "smaragdos" via the Old French "esmeralde", and really just means 'green gemstone.' The wonderful green color of emerald is unparalleled in the gem world. It is not surprising then that emerald is classified as one of the traditional four precious stones along with sapphire,ruby and diamond. Emerald is the birthstone for May and for commemorating the 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries. 

The Bull - Taurus
April 21 to May 21

Taurus Traits

Patient and reliable
Warmhearted and loving
Persistent and determined
Placid and security loving
On the dark side....

Jealous and possessive
Resentful and inflexible
Self-indulgent and greedy

May is a wonderful month of change, everything seems greener, the flowers are really taking off now. Everyone gets outside more, the days are getting longer and the weather is sunny and warm. If you love to garden, then you  plant the flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices.
In May I will be featuring a different herb or spice on each blog post.
So for my first featured herb, I have chosen comfrey.


Comfrey has been considered a healing herb since ancient times. It is a perennial herb also. The ancient Greeks and Romans, used this wonder herb for alleviating a number of ailments including bronchial problems, wounds, heavy bleeding and broken bones. Its popularity grew during the middle ages, mainly for healing fractures.

I found a recipe for a comfrey salve that I will be making to sell in my shop, Au Naturelle.


Infusing the Oil

  • Fill a canning jar full of comfrey leaves and then pour pure olive oil over the leaves. You'll need to let this sit for about two weeks in a warm spot such as a windowsill or on your stove. If the oil isn't infused long enough, it's just oil so give it time.

Making the Salve

  • The most basic homemade comfrey salve is made by slowly melting 2 to 3 oz. of plain beeswax in a double boiler, and then stirring in the infused oil a little bit at a time. Continue to add infused oil or beeswax until the mixture reaches the desired consistency.

Storing the Salve

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  1. I love lilies and emeralds even if I was born in December. Nice info, thanks!