Friday, May 20, 2011


As you have probably already guessed I am an avid collector and lover of any ironstone, china and collectible quilts and blankets.

These are a few of my new listings on VanillaCreme, my vintage shop on Etsy. I`m paring down my collections, you can only keep so much as you get older. So gradually I will be listing more and more ironstone and china from my personal collection.

McNicol china was used quite often in restaurants, thus known as restaurantware.

A little info on McNicol China.

The backstamps use began in 1931
Signed McNicol China Clarksburg, W Va 109
D E McNicol Pottery
1892-1920s East Liverpool, Ohio
1920s moved to Clarksburg, W Va

The firm was most famous for its calendar and souvenir plates. The company built a large additional plant in Clarksburg, in 1914, which specialized in hotel ware for a wide variety of institutional, and concentrated production there after 1927. Abe Weistrop purchased McNicol in the late 50s or early 1960s. George 

Martin became a parner c. 1966. Operations ceased c. 1969.

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  1. such pretty items & so fresh looking just wish i had more space for lovelies such as these.