Friday, July 7, 2017

Tribute To Joseph Ernest Guimond

In Loving Memory:

A Tribute To

Joseph Ernest Guimond

December 9, 1929
June 25, 2017

A first born son to Joseph A. Guimond and Yvonne  M. Harpin Guimond,
A brother to Laurent, Jeanne and Yvonne 
 uncle to JoAnn, Kathy, Eddie and Jeff

I am writing this tribute to let everyone know how truly special he was. He never had much to say, but I always said hi and asked him how he was doing, when visiting.

After my grandparents passed away he moved into my mothers` home where she cared for him selflessly. 

When saying hello to him, he would give you this slight shy smile and nod his head as to acknowledge that he was okay.

 He surprised me many times during this lifetime when he`d answer the phone when I`d call and would talk to me clear as anyone while on the phone.
He always seemed so very shy to me. There were many things I wished I could of seen him do in his lifetime.

He was an amazing piano player who played songs without sheet music, simply playing by heart. 
My grandparents were very proud of the fact that he learned radio repair and technology by reading books my grandmother had bought him.

He was trained extensively in electronics after joining the U.S. Navy and was a technician aboard the U. S. S. Boxer, an aircraft carrier.
After his naval career, he was drafted by the U. S. Army for service in Korea. He receive a top security clearance and served with the N.S.A. (National Security Agency) as a communications specialist.
He was awarded various medals of honor and valor
Korean Service Medal / 3 Bronze Stars,
National Defense Service Medal,
United Nations Service Medal,
And On November 30, 2010
A Public Service Award For His Service In Korea
issued by the Connecticut Secretary of State.

After his service to our country, he was unfortunately diagnosed with schizophrenia in his late twenties and withdrew from society.
When I was born in 1958, he was chosen as my godfather. I was always honored to have him in my life, and as I grew up, extremely saddened by his condition.

He enjoyed every meal he ever had, wholeheartedly. Not a speck would be left on his plate.
He loved his sweets dearly and in his later years, my Mom always supplied him with the King`s Ransom in DOT candy and I with PEEPS of every color and seasonal flavor. I would have to say that perhaps dessert was his favorite part of any meal, on any holiday or day of the week.
Babe, as the family called him as his mother - who predeceased him - called him "bébé son" stemming from her French-Canadian heritage, was dealt a bad card in his life, yet I could still not have cared more for him than I did. I loved him dearly and he will be missed very much more than words can ever say.