Wednesday, August 8, 2018

A Fun Day Of Making Pickles

Pickle Making At My House Today

Today I spent a good part of my day in my kitchen. I made bread and butter pickles from the pickling cucumbers that I`ve been growing in my own garden.
What a great feeling to make something so delicious as bread and butter pickles from produce you`re growing in your own garden.
Any one who knows me, knows very well that I could eat a jar of pickles by myself at any time.
So this was a labor of love today, and hopefully if my garden keeps producing like it is. I may get another batch in before the seasons` end.
I used a well loved recipe of one of my mother`s dear friends, who unfortunately is no longer with us. But what a recipe it is.

I used these Weck 1/5 Liter Tulip Jars. 

They are 12.5 ounces each and come in a set of six.

I`m always up for trying something different, so I decided to give these jars a shot.
I`m very pleased with the results. The jars are very easy to fill because they have a wide mouth on them. Also I love the ease of applying the covers with the rubbers and the clips that come with them.

The key to this pickle recipe is chilling the cucumbers in salt and ice to make them very crispy. I hope that I have succeeded on my mission to accomplish this feat. Because I do not like soft pickles that are not crisp.
So needless to say I spent a lot of time on making sure these pickles will be crispy.
So thats about it. But here are some pictures of my pickles below.
Aren`t they just beautiful ?????

Just an interesting fact, I remember my mother and grandmother making pickles in my mothers` kitchen and there was no air conditioner then, imagine that? How hot they must of been doing that on a Summers` day!

Don`t they look delicious ???

As soon as these babies are cold, you know a jar is getting opened and hopefully they are everything I`m looking forward too.






So thats all for today 
As always keep it clean!!!