Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday April 10, 2011 Spring Fever

Bright And Sunny! A bit warmer then yesterday. Spring is finally starting to feel like Spring! I`ve really got to get out and get some flowers to plant soon. Its still a bit early, it does get rather chilly at night. But I`ve got the Spring Fever!

I am determined to plant some flowers by the end of the week.
I don`t think I can wait any longer then that.
Locally I spotted some really nice perrenials that I`ve simply got to have. I like perrenials because once they`re in, they`re in. As long as you put them in a good location for the species you should be good to go. Many years of continual growth and low maintenance beauty.

One thing I`m working on is a butterfly garden by my back patio.

All of these are great choices for attracting butterflies.

Perennial flowers that attract butterflies are: coneflower, aster, beebalm, black-eyed susan, violet, and gayfeather.

Annuals that work well are: cosmos, marigold, heliotrope, and sunflower. Herbs are also great nectar plants.

Pink to Red flowers:
Armeria, Bergenia, Turtlehead, Joe Pye Weed, Geranium, Daylilly, Peony, and Obedient Plant.

Blue to Purple flowers:
Coneflower, Siberian Iris, Virginia Bluebells, Catmint, Balloon Flower, and Jacob's Ladder.

White flowers:
Goatsbeard, Bleeding Hearts, Coneflower, Baby's Breath and Iberis.

Yellow to Orange flowers:
Coronation Gold, Lady's Mantle, Butterfly Weed, Tickseed, Daylily, Sundrops and Goldenrod.

  I`ve got the herb end of the butterfly garden 
covered, so next is the perrenials.

I may start with the bleeding hearts, I used to have a nice one but it didn`t do well. I think I had a bad location for it from the start. I`m going to give another one a try in a new localle.

Well thats it for today!
Happy Spring!
As Always
Keep It Clean!

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