Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shop Of The Week / Vintage Finds

Today I have my shop of the week pick! Its no secret that I love vintage! I get my appreciation for it from my late grandmother. She kept everything proudly. Maybe I should reword that, she kept everything she loved proudly. Everything vintage has a story to tell. If only the pieces could talk to us. They have seen holidays, birthdays and all special occasions.

My shop of the week is called 86 For The Home

The shop on Etsy is brimming with vintage finds from the Martin III rocking horse, to the painted picnic basket, red bicycle and the great toy car. These have got to be memorable treasures to all of us.

And more vintage finds galore! If you love vintage then you`ve simply have to check this shop out! 

Everything vintage to me brings back a certain memory. Take for instance the green picnic basket. This brings back memories of my grandmother, whom I`ll always miss dearly. Her favorite color was green. When we were kids, she would set up a picnic for me and my sister and brothers for lunch and call it a picnic out in her yard. What fun memories we have! This is how we keep people alive in our lifes with these loving memories. Memories are what makes us who we are. The lives we live create the next generation.

Now I`m getting too deep! But it gives you something to think about doesn`t it? Everything you say and do reflects on the person or people around you.

Enough reminiscing! Although I must admit, I have a lot of wonderful memories!

I have more great vintage finds to share!

Thats all for today!
I hope you find things on Etsy to bring back the fun memories you might have from your past.

Enjoy your day!
And As Always
Keep It Clean!


  1. Thank you JoAnn! This is a great post and many of your favorites are mine as well. Thanks again!!!

  2. wow, those are some amazing vintage items, thanks for sharing....hope your week is fabulous!

    enjoy *~*