Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Candle Line

Be sure and check out my new line of candles.

Naturelle ~ Essence

My new vintage inspired container candles are handpoured using all american soy. Supporting the soy farmers of the USA.

This line of candles are called     Naturelle ~ Essence     inspired by the highly fragrant scents with a spicy flair, a softer side, a mood enhancing inspiration of fragrance. Its just one of those candles that you just don`t want to blow out.

Each candle is handpoured with 5 ounces of scented soy wax of your choice using only cotton core wicks. Each candle is embellished with a french label printed on handmade silk papier, a mother of pearle button and a vintage silky seam binding bow adding to the victorian flair of each. All done in an apothecary style jar with cover.

What a wonderful gift for that special someone who enjoys relaxing with scent.

Available in these great fragrances;

In To The Woods


Pastry Shoppe

Bay Berry


Tuscan Lace

Sugar Sugar

Sensual Amber


Choose your favorite scent at checkout.

Scent descriptions will be available in the next few days on the listing.

Enjoy your evening...


As Always

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