Sunday, October 30, 2011

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

I`ve never been a perfect person, but I would have to honestly say that I`ve always tried to keep these words close by throughout my life in whatever I do.
Its really a shame that some people have used the internet as a personal soap opera site for attention getting.
Perhaps they lack the necessary attention from someone close to them that they definitely deserve, but don`t get.
Or perhaps they are just greedy and want more attention then they truly deserve.

Just venting!!! Normally I don`t share personal stuff

 on my blog, but this only applies to one person who

 I`ve dealt with on a certain issue, you know who you

 are, if you even read my blog,(not sure you`re a follower)

otherwise you won`t even see this, but at least my conscience is


I forgive you but I`ll never forget.

You know who you are

and you have to live with yourself.

Moving on to the more interesting things now.
Can you believe snow this morning when you woke up?
I know I couldn`t.
Here are some pictures to make you believe it is for real...

Hello Mother Nature!
Its October!
My grandmother used to say that the date of the first snowfall meant how many snow storms we would have.
Lets keep track and see if she is right this year, shall we?
Have a good night!
As Always!
Keep It Clean!

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