Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Winter Day That Felt Like Spring

Today felt like a Spring day, it was so nice out not quite 50 degrees, but enough to keep you out for a short time without freezing to death. Shut the heat off in the house and was just running the wood stove to keep it comfortable. I usually keep the electric on at 50 degrees to supplement the wood stove, in case it goes out during the night. Don`t want to get up to a freezing cold house in the morning. Plus it takes longer to warm it back up if the stove goes out and the electric is kept completely off.

So enough about the heat. I have a candle sale going on at Au Naturelle. Winter is a nice time to burn a candle, giving your home a nice pleasant scent when you walk into the room. I have many scents to choose from and some new ones too. How about Fudge Brownie, Wild Cherry, Paris Twilight, Rose Bouquet or Lovespell, a Victoria Secret type scent.

All my candles are all natural soy based and burn clean and for a long period of time depending on the size.
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Thats all for now
Enjoy Your Evening
And As Always!
Keep It Clean!

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