Sunday, January 1, 2012


Welcome !

A new year with so much promise! Do you make a New Years resolution? How many people actually do any more. Its a difficult thing to do, because its just one more promise you have to keep for yourself.
And one more thing to add to all the things you already have to do in your busy life.
Is it me or does it feel like life has just gotten to be too hectic. Sometimes it even seems un manageable. Of course the holidays are always extremely busy, but it seems like Christmas and New Years pretty much slammed us this year.
Are you one of those people that say they will start earlier with shopping for next year for Christmas? Are you also one of those people that will buy things for next Christmas and then forget about them or forget where you put them  when Christmas rolls around again?
So much to think about, but now with January upon us, there are new things to think about. 
Taxes, paying the bills, etc. etc. Oh Joy!
Wouldn`t it be nice if we could go and hibernate somewhere without any cares like the bears do?
Now that I`ve filled everyones heads with so much to think about, I will leave you
With a wonderful vintage card that I found which was probably sent to someone many years ago.

Happy New Year
And Good Health
And Good Fortune 
To All in 2012 !
Keep Following
And As Always
Keep It Clean!
Au Naturelle

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