Friday, March 25, 2011


More and more people are trying and using


 and handcrafted soaps and products due to the fact


 there is more and more information available to the

 average consumer about what is being used in


 that you buy in the stores. And also there side effects


 long term effects.


 A little info on store bought soap;

commercial soaps are

 not as "clean" as you might think. First of all,


soaps contain harmful FD&C dyes, which are known


 cause cancer, chromosome damage, hyperactivity,

 hives, etc. Furthermore, name brand soaps spend


 money on their packaging than the actual soap (not


 mention advertising expenses). The naturally-


glycerin, a moisturizer, is also removed from 


 soaps (so the bars are harder and longer-lasting). 

This is

 why we can't wash our faces with commercial soap, 


 instead need to now buy an additional product

 (presumably offered by the same company) to wash


 faces. Another danger of store-bought soap is that

 animal testing is still being used.  Possibly even more

 disturbing is that many

 name brand soaps are made with animal by-products

 (tallow, lard). Not only are these by-products full of


 growth hormones, but they clog pores. 

(This information is available to any consumer, all


 have to do is a little research.)

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As Always

Keep It Clean!


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