Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16, 2011

What is Neem Oil?
Neem tree fruit looks a bit like olives. It contains one seed, which in turn can have one or several kernels. The oil is produced by crushing and pressing the kernels and then purifying the extract. Raw neem oil has a strong and pungent odor.
Neem is anti-inflammatory, and can reduce skin redness and irritation. The two main anti-inflammatory substances in neem are called nimbin and nimbidin, and they both have anti-inflammatory properties comparable to common non-steroids (phenylbutazone) and steroidal drugs (prednisole).
Neem is also a strong analgesic (pain killer). Some people report instant relief from the excruciating discomfort, as soon as they apply neem salve or cream to eczema skin.
And neem is antibacterial, and can clean up any secondary infections, or even better, prevent them from happening in the first place.
In short, on top of moisturizing dry eczema skin, neem can do many of the things that steroid creams, antibiotics and antihistamines do, but it doesn't have any of the side effects.
My Neem Oil Salve is made using only neem oil, rosewood essential oil and beeswax. It is wonderful for dry skin and exzema. And the best part is it doesn`t contain any steroids.
Herbs and oils have been used for centuries to treat common and serious ailments. Personally I feel people depend too much on chemically laden cures. I like to be able to know what is in everything I use on my body and my skin. 
This is merely personal preference but I am also offering another choice.
Feel free to check out my shop for other skin care options any time.
As Always!
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