Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Power All Last Week Due To Storm Irene

I am back!!!
I didn`t have electricity or running water for the entire week from the 28th of August until September 4th.
I have renewed my camping skills from my early years in Girl Scouts.
You really don`t realize though how dark it can get at night without electricity. By the end of the week the batteries were wearing low in the accumulated flashlights that we own. My son was getting very very bored. Basically you just run out of things to do. Candle light just doesn`t cut it after a while. You end up going to bed outrageously early, can`t sleep so you just lay there and think or listen to the sounds of nothingness through the open window. I cooked up everything I could on my grill outside, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, you name it. Then you try to salvage everything you can from your refrigerator. Luckily I didn`t loose much food, because thankfully I had relatives in the neighboring town that got their power back. I was traveling every day for a shower, along with my son. Because thankfully my mother got her power back in the town she lives.
I don`t understand what took so long to get our electricity back. The state is investigating the problem, but us ordinary people may never know.
Any way it was definitely an experience I will never forget. I will put it on the shelf with the rest of my life experiences that I would like to forget and put behind me.
Life goes on, I feel very fortunate to have a wonderful family to lean on during tough times, you really know who is in your corner when the going gets tough.
Well, all in all my life goes on. I continue to work on my shops. I have more ideas brewing then I`ll ever have time for. My son, Nick has started his last year of high school. I will be working with him to plan his future education. I am going to become busier then I know.
But I love every minute of it.
So in ending I say
"What Will Be Will Be"
Be sure and stop by my shops I will be listing more seasonal items on Au Naturelle,
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Scorpion Moon Designs.
Until tomorrow
Keep It Clean!

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  1. Sounds like a nightmare.... Erika here, just dropping by from Handmade Wednesday to become a new follower :)