Saturday, January 8, 2011

Au Naturelle January 8th, 2011


Welcome to my first blog of the new year. The new year is off to a quiet start, I think most people are just trying to relax a bit after the hectic holiday season. I think Christmas came fast, I know it did for me. It seemed like right after Thanksgiving it slammed me like a runaway train. But all in all it was a very pleasant holiday season. 

I am a workaholic, so right after the holidays I jumped right into the business of working on some new products and soaps.

I also have a Winter Blitz Sale on my Etsy shop trying to make room for some new soaps. So be sure to check out the  great deals available! 
Winter Blitz Sale

 I have many new and interesting products lined up for the new year.
The first new product I`d like to talk about is my Carrot Seed Facial Skin Cleanser. I just love this cleanser, it leaves my skin feeling soft, no dry areas and no greasy feeling, just pure naturally clean, toned and firmed. The cleanser comes in a 2.5 ounce container for $9.95. It will soon be available in a four ounce size also for $14.95.

Carrot seed oil is rich in beta carotene and many vitamins. The cleanser also contains castile, jojoba, aloe vera, glycerin and geranium essential oil, just all natural goodness for your skin.

The first five people to purchase the cleansing lotion will receive a free double sided facial cleansing pad. (One side terry and the other a scrubbie). Just enter - FreeScrubbie -at checkout.

My new Rose Hip Skin Tonic is great to use after the cleanser, simply apply with a clean cotton pad or cotton ball for toning the skin before moisturizing and applying makeup.

I am working on two new moisturizers, one for normal to dry skin and one for oily skin. Be watching for these in February, they will be available in small trial size containers.

Also up and coming in my new products are my wooden wick soy candles. These will be available in a 12 ounce size. I will have them listed in the next few weeks, so be watching for them. Many new and wonderful scents coming up also.

I also have two new cold process soaps curing which will be ready in the next few weeks. I will have them listed by the end of January. I like to let them cure for the full 4 weeks.

I have a special savings for any purchases totaling $20.00 or more, simply enter - Save5  -at checkout and save an extra five percent on your purchase. This offer is good until January 25th. Please feel free to follow my blog for all new offers, coupons, savings and updates.

As Always,
Keep It Clean!


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