Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Au Naturelle

Au Naturelle

Great news, I have opened up a shop with Shopify.
Feel free to check it out at

I have been looking to expand my horizons in selling my all natural skin care in other venues. It is hopefully another avenue to explore to get my products out there to online viewers, customers and hopefully in the long run, increase my sales.

I am still on Etsy

I am on a mission to promote the great value of using all natural skin care. Just take a moment to read the ingredients on any product you purchase to use on your skin. These over the counter products are loaded with chemicals that can`t even be pronounced. So what does that say for the ingredient, it certainly can`t be beneficial for your skin. Just a common sense thought, but one that started me on this course of promoting all natural skin care years ago.

Something to think about...

As Always Keep It Clean!

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