Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Calendula Comfort Cream

Calendula,(calendula officinalis)
 Is the genus name of a flowering plant more commonly known as the marigold, which is not only an attractive border plant, but is edible and has useful medicinal properties as well. Be warned, however, if you want to collect and dry your garden marigolds for herbal uses, that a number of other plants are also called marigolds. Make sure yours are true Calendula officinalis before drying or eating them. Calendula flowers and leaves are edible and make an attractive addition to salads and soups. The flavor is usually slightly bitter and can add a tangy or tart flavor to your usual greens.
Calendula has a wide range of medicinal uses. It is a soothing tea for gastrointestinal problems, healing wash for skin wounds, easily infused into oil for a healing salve or balm. Great for baby diaper area.
Calendula also has the rare quality of keeping its color during soapmaking. Unlike most herbal additives, calendula will not turn brown or black in a bar of herbal soap. Add 1 tablespoon of petals to just enough oil to cover. After your soap reaches trace, stir in the oil and petal mixture throughout your soap batch. The bright orange petals will remain bright and offer even soothing properties to the finished soap.
 I use the calendula dried in my Calendula Comfort Cream, be watching for it in my Au Naturelle shop on Etsy. The benefits of the cream are listed below;

Healing Cuts and Wounds

  • Cuts and wounds can be painful to endure, and can cause infections if left untreated. You can use oils, creams or compresses made with marigold to treat such wounds. You can make simple, effective marigold ointments by soaking the fresh flower petals in oil for several weeks. Those who are unsure about creating their own treatments can visit their pharmacy or retail store for marigold (calendula) treatments. You can also ask your physician about information on creams or ointments that contain marigold. If the wound is deep, seek medical attention.

Treating Acne

  • Marigold is an ideal natural treatment for those who suffer from acne. Acne is embarrassing to have, especially for teenagers and young adults. With marigold extracts, your acne can clear up and heal without the appearance of scars. Find some marigolds in your backyard or your friend or family member’s backyard (with their permission). You can also grow your own marigolds if you do not know of anyone who has them. Pick six leaves off the marigolds and put them in the blender. Add one teaspoon of almonds, the contents of one chamomile teabag, and one whole raw egg to the mix. Health food stores also carry marigold treatments geared towards treating acne if you do not feel comfortable making your own. Apply the treatment to your wet, clean face until it dries, then rinse thoroughly.

Soothing Sunburns

  • Sunburns are uncomfortable and even painful. Fortunately, marigold extract can temporarily relieve the pain and help treat it. For this treatment, you will need a homeopathic Calendula tincture and distilled water. Bathe your sunburn with water and pat dry. Combine ten drops of Calendula tincture and one cup of distilled water in a clean drinking glass. Use a clean rag or washcloth to gently apply the treatment to your sunburn. Blot the area and let it air dry. Apply a few times until the pain has dissipated. Apply the mix whenever your sunburn is painful. This ointment has no side effects and is completely safe to use on babies, children, teens and adults.

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