Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New And Exciting - Easter Is Almost Here - Easter Eggs

Easter Is Almost Here

I am featuring some cute Easter pictures that I`ve found online to share this evening.

                                                        Just Too Cute!!!!

                                                        Bugs Bunny

   And Last But Not Least
                                                    Baby In Bunny Suit
By Anne Geddes

Now a little general info on Easter Egg Hunts that I found interesting

Easter egg hunts are an American practice to celebrate Easter. Other countries celebrate with their eggs differently, by how they decorate the eggs or play with the eggs (like tossing them for example or rolling them).

The first American Easter games were egg rolls. Children would literally roll the eggs on the ground. One of the earilest newspaper accounts of egg rolls at the Capital in Washington took place in 1872. The first offical egg roll on the White House lawn took place in 1878 (after officals did not approve of the way the children tore up the lawn of the Capital).

Throughout the years more activites were added to the concept of the egg roll. Near the end of the 19th century children were playing "egg ball", "egg picking" (which sounds like our modern day egg hunts), "toss anc catch" and "egg croquet". Eventually it became large enough that entertainers such as bands were introduced into the festivites. For the 1933 celebration Elanor Roosevelt was first lady and introduced more games. The modern day easter egg roll race of today (using spoons) wasn't started until 1974. At one time there was a circus, petting zoo, antique cars on display, Broadway shows and giant balloons (most likely air balloons) as part of the entertainment. The egg hunt pits were introduced in 1981 at the White House.

Easter eggs were orginally used by the pagans because they were symbols of fertility (Spring is, after all, famous for babies). Eggs were part of the celebration of the rebirth of Spring. (Most of all the Christian holidays were orginally pagan.)

I suspect that easter eggs became a Christian part of Easter when Mary Magdaline offered the Emperor of Rome a red egg after the Acsension of Christ.


Happy Easter To All!

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