Thursday, June 9, 2011


I`ve been slacking off here. I`ve been working on my shops and trying to pack for my vacation. I`m packing for three people, myself, my son and my husband. I should really let them do their own packing, god knows they`re old enough. But I might regret what they put in their suitcases. It could really be a terrible thing to let them do it themselves. So I will pack them up, that way I know they`ll be wearing clean underwear and socks. Just kidding! I really don`t mind doing it!

Moving on, I have these wonderful new candles in my shop, one is a 10 ounce and the other a 3 ounce. Both have reproduction vintage french labels. Its amazing what you can find online, I found these great vintage labels and reproduced them for my candleholders. The three ounce candle has a vintage french fruit label and is available in five different fruit scents of soy wax.
The 10 ounce candleholder has a vintage french label and is available in five unique fragrances.

I am paring down my handstamped ribbon supply so if you`re looking for a special finishing touch for wrapping up that gift, get it while I still have it. I won`t be producing any more new handstamped designs on ribbon until the Fall.

I am going to be doing more new jewelry designs over the summer for the Fall season. I know its only Spring still put time goes so fast.
Be watching for a Summer Clearance on a lot of jewelry items in my Christmas in July Sale
July 3rd
July 16th.

Thats about all for tonight.
If you have a chance stop by my shops!


Be sure and use coupon code JUNEBUG at checkout at Scorpion Moon Designs to save 10 percent off any jewelry purchase through June 15th.

As Always
Keep It Clean!

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