Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Usually on Tuesday I would be doing my Shop Of The Week choice. But today is a very special day. Not only is it the first day of Summer, but it will always be a more special day then that to me.

Today is my son Nicholas`s birthday, he turns 17 today, its so hard to believe he has grown so fast.

I`m very proud of him and love him with all my heart.

Seventeen years ago he changed my life forever. Through the good times and bad, he has managed to brighten my day. He`s extremely smart and in the higher percential of his class. He has a big heart and a wonderful future ahead of him. He is so smart the world is his. In the Fall he is entering his senior year of high school. I just can`t believe where the time has gone.

I remember rocking him to sleep, his first smile, (probably gas), making him laugh, he has the funniest laugh that makes you laugh with him. Those wonderful dimples when he smiles.

I remember waving goodbye when he got on the bus the first time he went to school, he didn`t cry I did. Every morning he would blow me a kiss when he left for school (until he got to old for it of course). And leaving him with his Aunt or Grandmother when I went to work, he didn`t want me to leave, at his Aunt`s house he would run down the driveway after my car when I left. I hated to leave him. Playing outside with him when he was little, he would hide behind the big oak tree and peek around it and I`d catch him.

Getting his first dog with his cousin Kim and us. I used to babysit his cousins and he`d make me and his cousin Kim laugh so hard with a phrase he started using. It was ABADEA ABADEA ABADEA !!! You had to be there...

I could go on and on, after all he is my son. But I will leave it at that. 

Today he had to go for his senior portrait, like the last thing he wanted to do on his birthday. He is so handsome, I had to get some pictures to share with everyone. (That was like pulling teeth) He wanted out of the dress clothes ASAP when we got home. I had to grab that camera and get my pics FAST.


You are the best son I could ever had asked for!

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