Thursday, October 13, 2016

Yesterday I lost my best friend in the whole wide world. He was my rescue dog Coco. A beautiful red long haired Australian Shepherd and proud of it.
He was my side kick, he went everywhere I went and when I say everywhere I mean every where.
He was a wonderful watch dog, he wouldn`t let any stranger near us, especially me and Nick. He was always very protective of us, and we found that to be one of his best traits. He was totally loyal to us.
He did his job proudly. It was like we were his herd and he was protecting us and guiding us, like any wonderful sheep herding dog would do.
He was the epitome of loyalty, if I went upstairs or back downstairs, he went right along side of me. When I went to bed he would lay on his own quilt at the end of my bed, on my bed. He was my own personal foot warmer. As he got older he took to sleeping right beside me on the carpet on the floor next to my side of the bed. Any room I went to in my home he followed me. I couldn`t of asked for a better friend in the world.
I am totally lost without him. My heart is broken, it`s as if a piece of my heart has been ripped out.
Every where I go in my home I expect to find him taking a nap here or there. 
He loved to get his treats, all I had to do was say Coco want a treat and he was right there waiting. Even though he was a rescue dog someone had taken the time to teach him the trick of sitting and giving you his paw for his treat.
When I went to work every day he just slept in his favorite spot upstairs until I returned. I would barely get inside the door and he was always bounding down the stairs to greet me, jumping up and giving me a wet kiss. This I will probably miss the most. I was always so happy to be greeted by Coco with his unconditional love.
I know they say time will heal, but there will always be an emptiness in my life without him. He was truly that special. He had the most beautiful brown eyes, that when I spoke to him I really believed he had some sense of my feelings.
He loved to go for walks and walk proudly he did. As he got older it seemed there just wasn`t enough time for walks as there should of been. Life can get too busy sometimes. But when I was able to take him, he would be so excited, it almost looked as though he was smiling. He would walk along so dignified and if I wanted to run with him he loved it.
When it was time for his meal, he couldn`t eat it fast enough. He lived a happy life here with us and I miss him dearly and always will. I don`t think I could ever know such unconditional love then what my Coco offered throughout his life again.
He beat Lyme disease and was extremely ill and bounced back, it was short of a miracle. He was doing well and suddenly had a few seizures which were prevented by medication. For three months no seizures and then suddenly the other day he had one slight one at night. The next day he seemed to be back to his old self. But suddenly a seizure struck again during the day and he never came out of it. I didn`t want to loose my best friend. I selfishly wanted more time with him. But it wasn`t meant to be and I had to say goodbye to him for his own good. He had a tear in his eye when I said goodbye, I knew he understood. 
Until we meet again, and I know we will, I hope you are running through beautiful fields herding your sheep.
Rest In Peace
You Are Always In My Heart...

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