Thursday, December 3, 2015

All Is Calm All Is Bright

All Is Calm All Is Bright

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Ahh! The Holidays...
It has always been one of my favorite times of the year. I have wonderful childhood memories of gathering at my grand parents house on Christmas. And when we opened our presents, it was a few special gifts and that was all we needed.
The silver tinsel tree was decorated beautifully and we waited for Santa to arrive.
We always went to Christmas Day Mass, which back then was in latin.

I remember all of us each getting a Slinky on Christmas,(if anyone remembers what they are) and that`s dating myself.  One Christmas my sister wanted a real cash register, she got a play one, but that was enough (Retail Was Always In Her Blood) I remember one Christmas I asked for a Chrissy doll and Santa came through for me, (Red Hair That You Could Make Grow.) I was beside myself. (I Really Did Believe Then.)
Christmas morning we had stockings full of oranges, nuts, and a few special treats.

My grandmother would spend all day in the kitchen before Christmas baking jelly cookies by the dozen, and cakes and pies, watching us children while my Mom was at work. Her patience grew thin at times, but their was always love.

My mother is and will always be my biggest role model as an angel on earth,(She Has Earned Her Angel Wings Many Times)the biggest heart in the world,strong,hard working and raising her children for many years alone. Back in the days it was a terrible thing to be in her position. Times were hard, but people worked harder, they held their heads high, no matter what. She made our Christmas,and every day, just by being Mom...

This is where I get my values from. Its really all you need, good values and lots of love...

Christmas has become too commercialized, lets bring it back to what it was meant to be about.

Now I will share a few vignettes in my home, because 


 My Mirrored Antique Window

 My Australian Shepherd  Cocoa Decked Out As Santa Dog

 Dining Room Table

 Ironstone Candleholders

Dining Room Christmas Tree 

 Entry Way Side Table Vignette

 Fireplace Mantel

 Shelf Above My Desk

 The Sign I Found In An Antique Store Years Ago That Makes Me Smile Even On My Worst Day

My Grandmother`s Goebel figurines


   The Holidays...


Think of how many ways you can use the word   


through out the holiday season...

The Christmas Story

As Always Keep It Clean!
Au Naturelle

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