Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

Finally getting some much needed rain this afternoon. But before the rain started I gathered some of my beautiful lilacs from my bush in the back yard.
Some things such as beautiful flowers make every thing bad, sad or unnecessary, seem so trivial and unimportant.
I had a customer at work the other day, when asked how they were, they said if the sun is shining and I can see it, then its gonna be a good day! I liked that so much, that I think the next time someone asks me how my day is going, I`m going to say the same thing.

   Nothing better then the smell of lilacs permeating through the air from the moment you rise to the minute you go to bed at night.
Each blossom is at least a foot long and a gorgeous deep purple. A vase in every room I say. The blossoms just don`t last long enough, short lived but oh so fragrant!
Enjoy the day!

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