Thursday, January 3, 2013


I`m not a fan of disrespectful people, rude people, ignorant people, close minded people & people who think their always right.
Now I`m not being judgemental, but in our daily lifes we find more and more people who act rude, obnoxious and down-right disrespectful.
Does the amount of money one has play a part in this behavior? I tend to think so sometimes, but then again other times I`m not sure.
Disrespectful people, rude people and people who think they know everything are down right obnoxious. Ask around no one wants to be around a know-it-all. And usually these type of people really don`t know much at all. 
Rudeness is widely perceived to be a common moral failing; moreover, it is generally thought to be on the rise. According to recent opinion polls, 79% of Americans say that lack of respect and courtesy should be regarded as a serious national problem,and 73% believe that people treated each other with more respect in the past.
Precisely because rudeness is quite common, it is not a trivial issue. Indeed, in our day-to-day lives it is possibly responsible for more pain than any other moral failing.We while away countless hours mentally replaying slights we have—or believe we have—suffered, inventing wittier, sharper, more dignified or more hurtful responses. Or,if we are prone to moral anxiety, we worry about whether something we did or said was rude or perceived to be so by others. That is what a decent good person does.

This becomes even more obvious if we try to distinguish between rudeness and other closely related concepts such as impoliteness, discourteousness, vulgarity,irreverence, disrespect, impertinence, insolence, uncouthness, or inconsiderateness.Clearly, these do not all mean the same thing. Each carries its own particular emphasis connotations, and implications. Insolence implies a scornful attitude to someone or something thought worthy of respect. To be uncouth is to offend the sensibilities of others by a display of crudeness or vulgarity. To be impertinent is to assume some sort of entitlement beyond what one may legitimately claim. Nevertheless, the terms listed do form a dense cluster of interrelated and overlapping meanings.

As I work with the public on a day to day basis, I have always treated people with respect and kindness. sometimes its a difficult thing to do but I get through.
I believe some people are losing site of just being respectful to people in general. Maybe these people and you know who you are should work on this in the New Year. Maybe just maybe, it would make our world a better place.

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