Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Au Naturelle February 1, 2011

Its cold and miserable out, another storm loaming. My son`s been out of school so much this past month, they`ll be going in July.
I work everyday on my Etsy shop, I`ve been doing a great deal of gifts tags and a few cards these days. I`ve included some pics of some of my new items here.

My Etsy shop link;

Candlelabra Gift Cards
(Set of Five)
I also have some new lip balms available, there is lime hemp, clove and clementine orange nutmeg. Great for those dry chapped lips this time of year. (Or all year round for that matter.)
My lip balms contain only all natural goodness for your lips, and they`re on sale for $3.50. You can`t go wrong.
Eiffel Tower Gift Cards
 (Set Of Five)
Within the week I will be making another couple of batches of new soaps. These will be the first two of the new year. I`ll keep them for a surprise for now. You`ll have to check back if you want to know what they are.
Thats about it for tonight! I`ll be keeping in touch and as always.
Keep It Clean!
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